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Malaysia and Singapore Tour

PENANG, Malaysia

Penang Christian Centre:

Sat 23rd March

Workshop 1.30–5.30pm: Flourishing at Work

Preach 5.30pm: Work as Worship

Preach 8.00pm: Promoting the Gospel at Work

Sun 24th March

Preach 10.00am: The Good, the Bad and the Redeemed of Work

PCC Butterworth:

Preach 5.30pm: What is the Eternal Significance of Work



Thu 28th March

Workplace Ministry Talk 8.00pm: Discipleship in the Workplace

FCC Sunway:

Sat 30th March

Preach 6.00pm: Work as Worship

Sun 31st March

Preach 9.00am: Work as Worship


Wesley Methodist Church, Fort Canning Road:

Tue 2nd April

Seminar 7.30pm: Practical Wisdom for the Workplace = Panic, Pride and Present-giving

Thu 4th April

Seminar 7.30pm: Practical Wisdom for the Workplace 2 = Ethics, Equity and Elegance

Sat 6th April

Workshop 10.15am–2.00pm: Contemplation for the Workplace


Thu 11th April

Interactive Talk: Workship: Worshipping God through your Work

Earlier Event: February 17
Ryde Presbyterian Church, Sydney