Workship 2: How to Flourish at Work

Shortlisted for Australian Christian Book of the Year 2019

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A guide for individuals and churches:

In Workship 2 there is practical wisdom for the workplace, including positive ideas for making a difference in the workplace, such as

  • Hospitality at work

  • Jesus-shaped leadership

  • Beauty in the workplace

It also has helpful suggestions for how to respond to common issues, such as

  • Ethical decision-making

  • Dealing with stress

  • Work–life balance

  • Handling bullying and conflict

  • Non-selfish ambition

In Section 2, there are a whole lot of ideas for how churches can equip Christians for the workplace, including looking at:

  • Sermons

  • Interviews

  • Visiting the workplace

  • Training workplace Christians

  • Mentoring workplace Christians

  • Chaplaincy in the workplace

This book is great for small groups as well as personal devotion, with questions for reflection and application, and prayers at the end of each chapter.

Available now in Singapore, Australia and from Amazon and Book Depository, see the BUY page.

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