11 impossible people you meet at work

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The workplace can be an incredibly challenging place for Christians. Even Christian workplaces are places where we see sin clearly. Just think about the synonyms for work: labour, toil, hard yakka, slog, drudgery, grind, travail and exertion.

It is not just the work itself but the people we encounter. Work can bring out the best and the worst in people. Work relationships can cause enormous stress. There is also the phenomenon of toxic workplaces where a downward spiral of corrupted systems and negative culture can affect multiple employees.

However, workplaces also represent enormous opportunities for Christians. It is where our character can be formed, bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit as we counter sinful attitudes with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. It is also where we can give people a taste of the kingdom: demonstrating what shalom looks like as places of wholeness and peace.

The 11 impossible types (and their Christian counterparts):

  1. The Narcissist versus The Agapeist
  2. The Sociopath versus The Team Player
  3. The Incompetent versus The Competent
  4. The Control Freak versus The Empowerer
  5. The Bully versus The Encourager
  6. The 'Ideas Person' versus The Completer
  7. The Sycophant versus The Advocate
  8. The Legalist versus The Creative
  9. The Absentee versus The Diligent
  10. The Gossip versus The Transformer
  11. The Food Thief versus The Hospitable Host

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