British PM says Christians should be open about their faith at work

Theresa May was launching a report by the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers Christian Fellowship when she commented that Christians should not fear speaking out in work and public spaces. Here are a couple of quotes from the article:

The report warns that society is forgetting "that its many freedoms derive from centuries of applying the Bible to public life".

It says: "Although these liberties have been hard-won, however, they can also be easily lost. If not attended to, they will wither away.

"Like a muscle, without exercise they will atrophy. The Bible tells us that we grow as we give, and the truth about our gospel freedoms is that ‘if we don’t use them we’ll lose them’.

"The lost need the gospel, so we need to be intentional about sharing it.

"We hope that this resource will inform followers of Christ about the freedoms we have to do this, and encourage confident and fruitful evangelism in every area of public life. Freedom, in every sense of the word, depends on it. So let’s speak up."

British PM Theresa May

British PM Theresa May