Being Christian makes a tangible difference to your working

This article refers to a study funded by Reventure and conducted by the well-respected Barna Group. Being a Christian makes a demonstrable difference in your working. This article captures some of the distinctives.

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Christian Workers Less Stressed & More Satisfied, Study Shows
By Clare Chate

Christians are more likely to enjoy their jobs and have greater work satisfaction than colleagues without faith.

That’s the finding of a new study by Reventure, a Christian-based organisation promoting a healthier work life.

The ‘2016 Snapshot of Australian Workplaces’ study explores workplace issues like job satisfaction, technology, productivity, and health.

Out of the 1000 people interviewed for the study, 300 were Christians, giving researchers the chance to look at how faith affects people in the workplace.

Lead researcher Dr Lindsay McMillan told Hope 103.2 that more than half of the Christians surveyed were satisfied with their jobs—compared to only 44 percent of the overall research group.

And 63 percent of the Christians enjoyed going to work every day, compared to only 53 percent of the general population of workers.