Finding unexpected beauty

In the NIV Faith & Work Bible edited by David Kim, there are various stories by Christians in the workplace. Here are some wonderful thoughts from a professional photographer who talks about photographs capturing "common grace", God's blessing which is poured out on those who have faith, and those who do not, as he provides for all of creation, restraining evil and preparing the world for the return of Jesus (Matthew 5:45; 6:26–34).

"In my work, I can't capture God's image, but I can help people—whether or not they trust in God—see his effects. Sometimes I try to do this by highlighting obvious objects of marvel... Mostly, though, I enjoy capturing shots of ordinary, weathered and even ugly things. And I love finding hidden, unexpected beauty.
"God's grace is at work in my world in ways I cannot understand. Yet somehow I can feel the effects of his Spirit in the beauty I experience, even in the most unlikely places."