Playing for the glory of God

In the NIV Faith & Work Bible I mentioned last week, there are various stories by Christians in the workplace. I was particularly struck by a paediatric occupational therapist describing her work from a faith perspective.

Her work is in a children's hospital. She massages, assesses, realigns, stimulates healing, mostly through play. As she says, "I play for the glory of God."

An important biblical truth in her working is that people are made in the image of God. This means that all the children she deals with, whatever their level of ability, are equally worthy of dignity and care.
She describes her last patient of the day, a nine-year-old-girl who cannot talk, is wheelchair-bound and has little control over her movements.
As the therapist stretches her muscles lovingly she describes her working with these words, "Biomechanically, I am preventing contractures. But theologically, I am affirming her status as God's image-bearer, showing her that she is worthy of my best work."
All our working has a theological dimension. All our working can be done in a way that worships God and demonstrates his character to others.
NIV Faith & Work Bible, Genesis 9:6, Image of God, Deeper at Work.