Podcast on Open House radio program

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I was delighted to be interviewed for Open House with Stephen O'Doherty. We ended up getting caught up in conversation, for more than 40 minutes in fact!

Open House is a talk programme that looks at news, current affairs and issues from a Christian perspective. It covers local and world events with insights not heard elsewhere, informed by a Christian worldview. As host Stephen O’Doherty puts it, Open House “looks at life through the lens of faith and points to hope”.

In this interview we covered a basic theology of work, and discussed work’s importance in our lives. We particularly focused on Ephesians 2:10, and the concept that we are God’s work of art, crafted by him to do good work.

We also looked at when work goes terribly wrong, and particularly the affect of toxic workplaces.

After the interview, a listener texted in to explain their impact as a young engineer who was able to use their influence to improve the work culture on a worksite, by enhancing trust and communication between workers and management. In that way they were able to demonstrate the peace that comes through Jesus. It was a great illustration of the kingdom influence we can have as vibrant Christians in the workplace.

You can access the interview here.