Integrity and service


Recently, I was speaking at a church and I heard a fantastic story of the cost of obedience in the workplace, and the fruit of good work.

Ross (not his real name) told me about working in the insurance industry for several years. There was tremendous pressure to make a sale, since such a large part of his salary was commission.
He had made several sales, being a very relational person, when he suddenly discovered that the information he had based the sales on was untrue. His manager justified telling lies by focusing on the importance of making sales for both the company and the salespeople.
Ross was appalled and felt guilty, such that he went back to the clients to apologise and paid them back the commission he had earned.
During his first three years he barely earned enough money to survive because he had made a vow that he would never exaggerate the benefits of a product, or sell a client something that wasn't suited to their situation.
After that time, something extraordinary happened. His clients were so impressed by his integrity and service that they started referring their friends.
Suddenly, with the sheer volume of clients that he didn't have to go looking for, Ross finally started making decent income, and winning the kudos of his manager and team.

To me, this shows that God's way of doing business is the best way of doing business. Our honesty and acts of service are the best foundation for doing good work.