Created to work


I was reading in my Bible the story of how God created the world and a couple of things jumped out at me.
First of all, God works! Lots of times we think of work as bad, but if God does it, it must be good.
Secondly, we are made in the image of a God who works, and that means we are made to work. While that might not thrill some of you, it shows that working is part of what makes us fully human. It’s a way of us developing our gifts and serving others.
Thirdly, we are not meant to work alone. God created Eve not just to keep Adam company, but to work alongside him in the Garden. We are meant to work with each other.
The other thing I love about the creation story, is that one of the first bits of work God gave us to do involved using our imaginations, he asked us to name the animals. We use our creative intelligence to help give what God made more meaning and purpose. How cool is that?