Faith-inspired teaching

Teacher party.jpeg

I know a woman who is a teacher and she really loves her job. Not that it is always easy. One Year 9 class she had, the kids just didn’t want to be there. They were difficult and rude, and she really struggled with them. She kept pouring her energy into coming up with creative lessons, and showing she cared about the kids. Sometimes they ignored her. She was tempted to think the effort wasn’t worth it.
Then, slowly, things began to change. Some of the girls would approach herin the playground and ask her questions. More of them started really participating in class. 
By the end of the year, she told the class she was going to throw a party to celebrate how much they had learned. At the party some of the students came forward and thanked her for all the effort she had put in. They apologised for how rude they had been at the beginning of the year, and gave her a present and a card. She told them that she had learnt more from them, than they had from her. How cool is that?